SHADOW is the Special Forces campaign created for StarCraft Team Fortress,
a Total Conversion modification by the STF team. SHADOW focuses on the STF
modification, building a quality campaign on the engine STF has become.

Help yourself to free SHADOW wallpaper! File formats are both JPG and BMP, and are provided in various resolutions.

To install, just download the image with the size and format to match your computer's desktop. You will need to decompress the file using a program that can handle ZIP files (like WinZip) and extract the wallpaper into your Windows directory. Once this is complete, right-click in your desktop and select the 'Properties' option and switch to the 'Background' tab. Double-click on the wallpaper file and click 'Apply' to change. To install the JPEG wallpapers in Microsoft Internet Explorer, simply choose your resolution, right-click on the image in your web browser, and choose 'Set as Background.'
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