Frequently Asked Questions
Last Update: 9/6/2002 by Hercanic

Q:  Sorry, I'm sorta new here, could someone tell me what TFC is?

A:  TFC stands for Team Fortress Classic. It's a highly regarded and popular team-based online mod made for Half-Life. The first Team Fortress was made by an Australian development team for Quake 1. Since its reincarnation in Half-Life, many other developers have picked up the ball and created Team Fortress mods for such games as Unreal Tournament and Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Q:  Where can I find people to play multiplayer?

A:  USEast, channel Starcraft Team Fortress.

Q:  Will it be compatible with Macintosh Starcraft?

A:  The current Beta is not Macintosh-compatible, due to the fact that the vital technology it uses does not exist for the Macintosh platform. However, word from BahamutZERO is that he has created a Mac version of MPQDraft. All that's needed is a Mac version of MemGraft, and STF will be available to all Macintosh owners. So don't give up hope just yet. =o)

Q:  How much longer until you finish the whole thing?

A:  When It's Done. =o)

Q:  Are you able to play online with TCs and other starcraft mods?

A:  Yes and no. It depends on the software used to make them. Older mods that have not been updated within the year 2002 are probably using old technology that requires Brood War 1.07. With BW 1.07, you cannot use Battlenet, as it will try to upgrade your version. There are alternative solutions, such as the TPC and Aus-1 server. You can find the 1.07 connection files here. If you have multiple hard drives installed in your computer, be advised that people with them have been unable to get the connection files to work. Mods utilizing the latest technology, such as MPQDraft and MemGraft, are BW 1.09 compatible, and thus playable over Battlenet.

Q:  Is there gonna be online functions for this?

A:  Of course! STF's focus is multiplayer gaming.

Q:  How big will STF be?

A:  Currently, the mod is 7MB. Graphics will add between 1-2 additional megabytes. The final version should be no bigger than 12MB, though without music. A version with music, however, will no doubt run into the hundreds of megabytes. You will have the option between the two downloads, and both will be compatible with each other.

Q:  Code aside, are you looking at just a multi-player mod? Or will there be a story line, campaign style mission set that players can follow? Is there a story or will it just be to blow up the other guy?

A:  Multiplayer is the focus, though the mod is open for people to develop campaigns and storylines for.

Q:  Will there be some Capture the flag?

A:  Yes, but it's completely up to the player if he or she wants to play in that mode. Players are perfectly welcome to develop their own CTF maps for STF, too.

Q:  If I use a mod like this does it work on games even if the other players don't have the mod? Or does it only work if the other players are using the mod?

A:  If you play online with someone who is not running the mod, the game will desync and everyone will be kicked from the game. Everyone in the game must be on STF in order to play a game of STF with each other.

Q:  Are you to going to make Heroes? Like other skins, you know Infested Kerrigan?

A:  There will be two heroes of every unit type, but they will not differ graphically. This is to give mapmakers more freedom in developing UMS maps.

Q:  What programs do you use for this mod?

A:  MPQDraft, Arsenal III, Arsenal Zero, ICE, StarGraft, and MemGraft, all provided by the splendid people at Camelot Systems.

Q:  Is there a way to add random damage, to represent missed shots?

A:  None that I know of that wouldn't compromise the mod's stability online.

Q:  What percentage of completion is STF at?

A:  Total amount would be roughly 74%. Graphics are around 55%, music would be 80%, sounds are 96%, and programming is, due to new additions conceived, only at 65%.

Q:  Are you still doing the Hybrids of STF?

A:  No. Although it pains me, it has been dropped due to the extra time such an addition would take up; and overall, the Hybrids just wouldn't fit STF, playable or not.

Q:  Why don't any of the screenshots have the new unit graphics in them?

A:  Well, because they haven't been converted to GRPs yet, which is the graphic format Starcraft uses. Currently, we're more worried about getting all the graphics done than implementing them into the game just yet. =o) But shortly you may begin to see screenshots that bear the new HW Guy tearing up the place... =o)